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ACON:Dedicated to providing unique solutions to worldwide healthcare

Founded in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., in 1995, ACON Laboratories, Inc. has been growing into one of the leading in-vitro diagnostic companies worldwide by offering more than 150 countries or territories a full range of products with relentless commitment of cutting-edge technology, uncompromising quality, customer-oriented service, and affordable pricing.

Relying on its broadly-stretched distribution network, ACON is now providing products and service to all kinds of users such as public or private healthcare providers, institutions, NGO, individuals, etc., with a wide-spectrum of in-vitro diagnostic products including:

“ON CALL” branded Blood Glucose Monitoring System and HbA1c test
“Centrivet” branded animal blood and urine test
“Mission” branded Point of Care Test (Lipid panel, Hb, ALT/AST, Urinalysis, Alcohol, etc.)
“Foresight” branded EIA and Allergen test
“Promotor” branded Nucleic Acid Exactor and PCR test
“ACON” branded rapid test

Providing Unique Solutions to Worldwide Healthcare


ACON R&D institute and factories

Along with its headquarter and R&D institute now located in S5850 Oberlin Drive, #340, San Diego, CA, in U.S.A. and the contracted manufacturing facility in Hangzhou, China, ACON is actively working on enriching the product line through extensive R&D and planning more manufacturing capacity worldwide to cater to the continuously-growing market demand with a devotion to helping improve the health and well-being of more and more people around the world.